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Can-Trace Pork Traceability Pilot Proceeds With eBiz Professionals Inc. and PGCTI as the Project Consultants

August 19, 2004 – Can-Trace, the Canadian traceability initiative, has contracted eBiz Professionals Inc. and PGCTI for the management of the national traceability pilot project for the pork sector. eBiz Professionals Inc. from Guelph, Ontario partnered with PGCTI, from Trois-Rivières, Quebec to form a solid team of consultants with considerable experience in agri-food traceability to act as project managers for the Can-Trace pork pilot.

“The Canadian hog industry is very strong in Canada with a hog production of over 14 million animals and export of 7.4 million,” said Jane Proctor, Can-Trace Chair. “Exports of pork represent an important source of growth for the industry as demand from countries such as the United States and Japan grows. At the same time, these countries have imposed stringent traceability guidelines, creating the need for Canada to implement an internationally recognized traceability system.”

The pilot study, which began in July, has a number of objectives, one of which is to validate the generic Can-Trace standards for tracking and tracing developed earlier this year. The standards represent minimum information requirements to establish whole-chain traceability.

“Our team has hands-on experience with the pork supply chain, from both an operational and Information Technology perspective,” indicated Ian Richardson, eBiz Professionals Inc. “eBiz Professionals Inc. offers exceptional project management skills and is accustomed to working in multi-stakeholder environments. The team possesses a proven record in the pork industry and has a keen sense of the varied operational realities of the pilot participants.”

“The partnership between eBiz and PGCTI will assure a strong cross-section of participating companies and provide the appropriate focus on Quebec-based participants,” indicated Guy Monfette, PGCTI. “PGCTI has proven expertise in the management of slaughter-house chains and meat processing plants. We possess an exceptional multi-disciplinary team made up of project managers, business analysts, programmers and senior integrators. We are very pleased to team up with eBiz and be involved with Can-Trace.”

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, through its Canadian Food Safety and Quality Program (CFSQP) awarded Can-Trace funding to develop traceability standards required by industry and government to build a solid business case and to pilot test the resulting standards beginning with beef, pork, and fruit and vegetable. Can-Trace is headed by a Steering Committee composed of more than 20 national trade associations as well as provincial and territorial governments; with the Electronic Commerce Council of Canada (ECCC) as the initiative’s secretariat.


About Can-Trace
Can-Trace is a collaborative and open initiative committed to the development of traceability standards for all food products grown, manufactured and sold in Canada. The Electronic Commerce Council of Canada (ECCC) is the initiative’s secretariat. ECCC and Can-Trace sponsoring associations are continuously approaching various organizations to join and support this expanding initiative. Additional information can be found at www.Can-Trace.org.

About ECCC
The Electronic Commerce Council of Canada (ECCC) is the not-for-profit industry led organization that promotes and maintains global standards for the identification of goods and locations and related e-commerce communication such as bar code issuance and maintenance. As an EAN International Member Organization, ECCC represents Canada in the continuing development of the global language of business. Additional information can be found at www.eccc.org.

About eBiz Professionals Inc.
eBiz Professionals Inc. is a Canadian consulting company with global experience, specialized in the Agri-business sector. eBiz Professionals Inc. provides information management consulting and project management services for complex, mission-critical projects. The company specializes in the development and upgrading of food safety systems and in the definition and execution of operationally-based business improvement assignments.

Pro-Gest, Information Technologies Advisors is a company working in the field of Information Technologies with more than 20 year of expertise in financial and manufacturing management solutions. PGCTI helps our customers benefit from competitive advantage to optimize their productivity and achieve impressive results. Our system helps our clients reach high and rigorous criteria of excellence and offers a management solution of international quality.

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