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Can-Trace Food Traceability Data Standard
March 28, 2006 - The following is a summary of Can-Trace news highlights over the past month:

Canadian Food Traceability Data Standard Version 2.0 Approved: At the Can-Trace Steering Committee meeting which took place earlier this month, Version 2.0 of the Canadian Food Traceability Data Standard was unanimously approved by the Steering Committee. This new version incorporates change requests from various stakeholder groups such as editorial enhancements, clarification of definitions and some additional mandatory data elements. Changes to the new version will make it easier for producer groups to incorporate Can-Trace into their existing programs. Click here to download the Standard.  

Redesigned Website Launched: Can-Trace recently redesigned its website, offering several new improvements including a new look, improved navigation, updated content and message boards. Visit www.can-trace.org.  

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