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Welcome to EXPRESS

February 2, 2006: Welcome to EXPRESS, a new communication from Can-Trace – Canada's voluntary national food traceability standards initiative.  EXPRESS is designed to provide brief and regular snapshots on Can-Trace events and activities as a supplement to the Fast Track newsletter.  

Over the next few weeks, three significant reports will be brought forward for approval by the Standards Working Group and the Steering Committee.  These include:

  • Integration Guidelines: This report identifies gaps between the data elements in the Can-Trace Canadian Food Traceability Data Standard and the traceability elements of several other programs upstream in the supply chain.  At least two key proposals for modifying the Can-Trace standard data elements have been put forward. 

  • Multi-Ingredient Products: This report examines the challenges involved in tracing multi-ingredient products and concludes that successful companies are using most, if not all, of the current data elements in the Can-Trace standard. 

  • Technology Guidelines: This report explains how physical markings and documents (paper or electronic) can be used to capture and communicate the Can-Trace data elements through the supply chain.


All of these reports will be available on the Can-Trace website at www.can-trace.org in March 2006. Please forward this communication to other individuals that may be interested in receiving updates on Can-Trace.