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Government-initiated National Traceability System Consultations
April 27, 2006 - The following is a summary of Can-Trace news highlights over the past month:

Consultations on National Traceability System
Following a meeting on March 20, 2006 with federal, provincial and territorial Ministers of Agriculture, it was announced that consultations will begin with interested stakeholders on a national traceability system, beginning with livestock. A joint federal-provincial government task force has been established to conduct these consultations, and Can-Trace will be providing input to Ministers before the end of May.

Canadian Food Traceability Data Standard, Version 2.0 Enhancements
The second version of the Can-Trace data standard, which was approved by the Steering Committee in early March, contains some new mandatory data elements (all of which were previously considered optional), and is more generic in some of the descriptions and definitions. The changes were largely a result of conclusions from a study of several on-and-off farm food safety and quality programs. The modifications to version 1.0 of the Standard are intended to make it more amenable for organizations closer to the producer-end of the supply chain.

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