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About Can-Trace

Can-Trace is a collaborative and open initiative committed to the development of traceability standards for all food products sold in Canada.

In 2004, Can-Trace completed and validated the first version of the Canadian Food Traceability Data Standard.  Adaptable for different food and agriculture sectors, this standard is based on a one up/one down model of sharing traceability information, using international data carrier standards.  Also released were reports on the results of beef, pork and produce traceability pilot projects, the business case for implementing traceability solutions, and traceability requirements specific to Canadian small and medium enterprises (SME).
GS1 Canada, the initiative’s secretariat, and Can-Trace sponsoring associations approach and welcome various organizations to join and support this expanding initiative.

Mission Statement
The mission of Can-Trace is to define and develop minimum requirements for national whole-chain tracking and tracing standards based on the GS1 System.

Can-Trace is an industry-led initiative that fosters open dialogue within the supply chain ensuring that the necessary framework for Canadian traceability is designed for implementation.

Value Proposition
Can-Trace offers a voluntary, transparent, and inclusive forum that allows primary producers, intermediaries, processors, packers, manufacturers, distributors, brokers, retailers, operators and consumers to participate in the development of a national traceability initiative.